Comfortable, Eco-friendly Camping Offered by Homegrown Trailers

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  •  (Homegrown Trailers)

Camping is man’s way to revert to nature, to reconstruct what life was like before we became civilized and came indoors from the cold, as it were. Surely, there are limits to what each person is willing to put up with out in the wild. While one might welcome building their own lean-to and living off of whatever sustenance they could manage to harvest or kill, another person would go for parking their residential vehicle adjacent to the mini-golf course at Jellystone Park, set up the satellite dish, and say they were roughing it. For most other people, the ideal camping trip comes somewhere in the middle.

For those who like to hit the highway with some home comforts still, pulling a camping trailer is the way to go. In that spirit of going to basics, a sustainable camper from Homegrown Trailers could well be the answer.

Located in Woodinville, Washington, Homegrown Trailers handcrafts travelling trailers from sustainable substances. The trailer, paneled in sustainably collected timber, has a dry weight of 2,000 pounds, which makes it doesn’t need a heavy vehicle to pull it around. The light load likewise facilitates fuel saving. It has a solar system with a battery that holds two days worth of energy. An off-grid package modernizes the 400 watts solar panels to 800 watts, and includes a 7,000 -watt-hour battery good for five days of energy.

The 94 -square-foot interior is accommodating, with a lounge that hs a pull out queen-sized bed, as well as bunk beds. Twelve gallons of fresh watercan be stored, and a kitchen with an induction cooktop and a mini fridge is included. A pop-top supplies more headroom as well as ventilation. When it is required, a more eco-friendly composting toilet replaces the usual holding container system.

Homegrown Trailers currently has a functional prototype, a workspace and staff to build the trailers. It is currently running an Indiegogo crowdfunding expedition, through which potential customers can secure a rental or buy one for as little as $25,995. The trailers will retail for $28,995, and the extras package adds another $7,500. If you’re not looking to buy, and merely want to get away from everything for a time, Homegrown are aiming to provide trailer rentals out of their Woodinville facility.

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