Motor Home Supplies Possibly Next for Amazon’s Private Label?

You may not even know if you wear Amazon.

Amazon has sold commodity-type goods like batteries and baby wipes for a long time via its own prominently marked brands. But as it has moved into more variable categories like food and fashion, it’s quietly launched many satellite in-house labels that do not mention their giant parent company.

And many more of these kinds of secret Amazon brands may be on the way. A Quartzdeep look into the Amazon’s hundreds of trademark filings on Monday gives a clue to what new labels it could have in the pipeline.

Motorhome-related goods branded “RV Me,” a leather goods line called “Concrete New York,” a car products tag called “GT Prime,” and a frozen foods brand called “Single” are all among the reports finds.

That Amazon has locked down a trademark on a particular name is not a guarantee that it’ll act on it eventually, of course. But the outlet did also find various filings concerning current Amazon labels like Arabella lingerie, Denali tool kits, and Happy Belly snacks.

Most people tend to concern themselves more about the brand they see on the groceries or clothes they buy than on commodity products like trash bags or phone chargers.

You can see that Amazon has put much thought into tailoring distinct brands around every one of its new grocery and apparel ranges that don’t incorporate a similar utilitarian connotation as the orange arrow. Indeed, a lot of Amazon’s food labels resemble something you might find at Trader Joe’s, and its fashion range mimics the visual style of designer logos.

Though Amazon’s fashion ambitions are still quite new, at least one study demonstrates that its private-label sales still are way behind department stores comparable brands. The only Amazon brand fashionwise that appears to have really taken off is Lark & Ro, which features casual dresses and other ladies clothes.

Meanwhile, the top-selling battery brand on the internet is AmazonBasics, and its baby wipes have built up a significant market share.

Amazon is also using its many brands to entice people into signing up for a Prime membership. Many of its higher quality lines are exclusively available via the program.

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