Dual Battery System from Redarc

REDARC Manager30 – the 6-in-1 solution

Dual Battery System from Redarc. Whether you’re going on a day journey or a long experience off-grid, odds are you’ll need some kind of dual battery system. No matter what your charging requirements are, REDARC has the ideal 12-volt system to suit your automobile.

To put it basically, your truck or motorhome comes fitted with one start battery. This can power your devices, but you will quickly drain that battery and have issues when wanting to start your vehicle.
When the dual battery setup comes into play. Installing a second or home battery will offer you around a days worth of power till it runs flat, and including a battery charger to the setup will guarantee that battery can be charged quickly while you’re driving.

About Redarc

REDARC has actually been at the leading edge of establishing ingenious items for the ever-changing automotive market.
The Manager30 is a modern battery management system created to charge and preserve secondary batteries by incorporating Air Conditioner, DC, and solar inputs. It is a 30-amp battery charger that will charge your home battery up to 100%. It is compatible with all common automotive battery types whatever their specific chemistry. This making it perfect for RVs of any size with multiple battery banks.
Whether using lead acid, gel, lithium, calcium or agm iron-phosphate batteries, the Manager30 represents a complete battery charging and upkeep solution.

The REDARC Manager30 runs like 6 items in one, making it a leader on the market:
Charges auxiliary batteries from the vehicle alternator while on the move
110V AC shore mains power battery charger
MPPT solar regulator
Battery isolator
Load detach controller. Consists of a remote battery screen

The Manager30

The Manager30 will also prolong the life of your batteries as it charges to provide the appropriate charge they need. Another nifty inclusion is that it will charge from both photovoltaic panels and the generator all at once. And with built-in ‘Green Power Priority,’ the battery charger will immediately select Solar Charge initially. This takes the load off the automobile’s generator.

Ensuring your batteries are getting the appropriate charge is one thing. But monitoring them and having the peace-of-mind of a visual readout of this info and charge status is another. REDARC’s Manager30 battery management system takes the guesswork out of tracking and managing your battery charge as you can just read all the details on the screen and it allows you to see the complete picture.
With the Manager30 you can see how much charge is entering into your batteries, just how much is left, and how fast you are utilizing the battery power.

Whether you’re heading off on a day trip or a long adventure off-grid, chances are you’ll need some kind of dual battery system. To put it simply, your truck or motorhome comes fitted with one start battery, which can power your accessories. However you will quickly deplete that battery and have concerns when wanting to start your RV.
This is when the double battery setup comes into play.

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