Recreational Vehicle Toll Pass

Recreational Vehicle Toll Pass

RV Toll Pass. When traveling across the country in an RV, you’ve definitely encountered toll roads. Their benefit is undeniable. Though the problem of repayment commonly leads numerous drivers to drawing up much longer routes to avoid the charges.

TransCore introduces the Motor Home Toll Pass with Nationwide Coverage. By purchasing for the motorhome a Recreational Vehicle Toll Pass, owners can bypass slim cash lanes easily as well as securely without the concern of receiving unanticipated toll costs or violations through the mail. The Recreational Vehicle Toll Pass has a five-year battery life with normal usage, and also enables proprietors to pay the electronic price, which is usually less than the cash money rate. As well as the costs associated with pay-by-mail. When Motor Home Toll Pass is turned on, a $14.99 monthly charge uses just in months that you incur toll costs.

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Here is the full information you need to know about the RV Toll Pass from the vendor.

Before you register

Welcome to the Convenience of RV Toll Pass! Driving the American toll roads in your Recreational Vehicle will be a pleasure with your TransCore RV Toll Pass Transponder on your windshield and a toll account managed by Bestpass. With RV Toll Pass you will be able to drive on virtually any toll road in the US with a single transponder and a single account. No worries whether you have the right transponder, an account with the local toll agency or might receive a toll violation fine. RV Toll Pass has arranged with the various toll authorities to consolidate your toll charges into one account while also negotiating the best rates.

Go to Frequently Asked Questions-FAQs, “Where does it work?” for a list of toll roads and bridges accepting RV Toll Pass).

Setting Up Your Account

Before you begin driving the toll roads, you will need to establish an RV Toll Pass account and complete that process through this website. As is typical practice with toll authorities you will need to provide a deposit to establish a prepaid account and keep a positive balance with a credit card. The RV Toll Pass deposit is $50.00 at time of activation with a credit card on file to replenish the account whenever the balance drops below $25.00. It will take 2 or 3 business days to register your transponder and vehicle with all participating toll agencies, after which you are ready to drive.

How RV Toll Pass Works

When you drive past a tolling location, your RV is recognized by the RV Toll Pass transponder. Or in some cases by the license plate, and you incur a toll charge. That toll is charged against the balance in your account. At the end of any month in which a toll charge was incurred, you will also be will charged a single processing fee of $14.99. This fee will not be charged in months where no toll charges were incurred. If you close your account, the balance will be returned after two billing cycles to allow payment of outstanding tolls and charges.

Information Needed to Register

Your Information: Name and address Mobile phone number. (where you can be reached while on the road). Credit card information (for deposit and replenishment of toll account). Vehicle Information: Vehicle description,make, color and year. License plate, state and number. If you have a towed vehicle, you will need its license plate information also RV Toll Pass transponder number

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