New Campers: Check Out These 10 Campers in 2019

10 New Campers You Must Check Out in 2019

[WPXperVideo id=36 ] Whether you’re on an adventurous Safari or a summer road trip one of these new campers should keep you cozy and safe throughout your journey. I’m Glenn and here’s 10 new campers we must check out this year.

Number ten

The Wingamm Rookie L is the largest of the three models in the Rookie line of campers. It is a 4 berth model with a kitchen unit, a spacious lounge area and a 96 liter fridge freezer. It’s a perfect caravan for any road trip. The fiberglass  monocoque provides a weatherproof exterior to protect the elegant interior as well as the central entrance. There is plenty of room to enjoy beautiful lighting and picturesque views of the outdoors through multiple windows. It includes two large windows on the sides of the u-shaped dinette. It is large in size, has  light weight and stability.  This is the perfect camper when towed by smaller vehicles. Current pricing on this one will run you a little over thirty three thousand dollars

Number nine

The Hutte Hut is a lightweight camper designed with a detailed aerodynamic mobile structure manufactured in Santa Barbara, California . It features a solid aluminum spaceframe chassis, a glassy wooden finish and watertight interior. This is the perfect compact camper for people on short road trips. Make no mistake for a compact vehicle the lighting for this camper is one of its most impressive features. It has two windows. On each side a dangling LED bulb and a Sun diffusing canopy to give a brightened camp hut feel. With two sets of double doors opening on each side the Hutte Hut provides an expansive ventilated camper. Perfect for those who want to get closer to nature. This camper is towable by most cars. Due to its extreme light weight pricing on this one starts out at sixty three thousand nine hundred dollars.

Number eight

At first glance the Kimbo 6C looks like a bullion van style camper mounted on a medium-sized truck to serve as a makeshift motorhome. However this perfect adventurers getaway is anything but makeshift. Weighing  930 pounds The Kimbo 6C is an aluminum riveted shell weighing  930 pounds and has a brushed fabric interior. This 6 foot camper features two couches for seating, a loft bed, a fitted kitchen and a foldable shower unit. All appliances on this vehicle are powered by any of the three available power options of solar, propane or an external power connection. There is also a standard three-speed roof vent fan with a skylight as well as six double pane insulated windows to keep you comfortable at all times. Prices will run you anywhere from 15,000 to $26,000 depending on the included options.

Number seven

The new 2019 Mini Max gives the impression of a submarine on land. Built on a tubular steel chassis with aluminium frame sidewalls and a fiberglass roof. This one-ton camper spans a total length of just over 17 feet. The walls and roof are block foam insulated with two large dual pane acrylic windows spanning either side. And a smaller window at the rear. The interior houses three compartments comprising of the living area which is equipped with 100% hardwood cabinetry, a 19 inch LED TV and a roof-mounted AC. The sleeping area with a unique hideaway slat system bed and queen-size mattress. The kitchen is equipped with a 3-way Norcold refrigerator and a dual burner glass top stove. Pricing for the Mini Max is just over $26,000

Number six

The Bimobile EX 412 offers a perfect mix of off-road adventures and a comfortable living space. Boasting a standard four-wheel drive, 4×4 suspension and 24 forward gears. This motorhome surmounts uneven roads and hilly terrains without a wheel leaving the ground. It is robust, balanced and offers a large living space that isn’t noticeable from its external sturdy build. The interior features a fixed double bed, a fitted kitchen, a shower and a nicely constructed dinette. This converts to a secondary sleeping area if needed. For such a complete vehicle you wouldn’t go wrong if you chose to temporarily live in this motorhome. Current pricing on this one starts out around one hundred ninety six thousand.

Number five

Made by South African company Echo 4×4. The Kavango Extreme is a hybrid off-road camper carefully designed for the safari experience. Built with a solid full-length galvanized chassis, a four-wheel drive suspension and a monocoque low-profile fiberglass shell. Belonging to a class of long-lasting recreational vehicles it uses well treated wooden components. Quality automobile seals and double action cam lock systems prevent dust and rain from infiltrating or corroding the camper. The pop-top roof and built-in tent offer enough space to cover a slide-out kitchen, a large fridge. Also a slide-out exterior bath. On the inside the camper features two queen-size beds, a tent bed floor that opens and expands with the help of gas struts and a dinette which convert into a second bed. 

Number four

Offering an inspired luxury interior and weighing just under 1700 pounds. The 14-foot Falcon F-Lite is the true definition of a modern caravan. It has a sleek build that’s made even more attractive by a matte paint scheme and contrasting decals. This vehicle will definitely turn heads. The interior boasts even more with luxury living space. This features a convertible dinette, a standard kitchen, a deluxe wardrobe a full bathroom and large pass-through storage. It offers expansive external views through slider windows on each side as well as a large 48 inch slider window at the rear. Pricing on this one will run you a cool fifteen thousand dollars.

Number three

The Mammoth 11:6 is a heavy-duty camper built for all outdoor excursions. With an aluminum design structure and an exterior built with fiberglass this motorhome is ultralight yet robust. Weighing just under 4,000 pounds at a length of just over 19 feet. Features a rear entrance with a screen door and a 24-inch grab rail from the inside. There are two large windows on each side and one at the back which gives an expansive view of the surrounding scenery. It also includes two double seat leather couches with a fixed center table, a queen-size bed, a fitted kitchen, a laundry area and a box toilet. Also featured is an external slide-out shower with a six gallon water heater and bathroom power vent. Pricing on this one will run you right around fifty nine thousand dollars

Number two

The 2019 Optima deluxe T65 GE is one of ten motorhome models by Hobby. It has an elegant exterior design and high equipment package. This motorhome is built to convey luxury. It features two foldable individual seats, a drop-down bed with an additional queen-size bed and a corner kitchen over the top. There are three roof lights in the living area, sleeping area and washroom. The van is kept illuminated all throughout the day. Hot and cold water lines are supplied to the bathroom and the kitchen which houses a 140 litres slim tower refrigerator, a revolving cupboard and all-around overhead shelving. Owning one of these will currently set you back about $85,000.

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Number one

As the name suggests the 17-foot Titanium off-road camper will have you conquering uncharted territories in style. With a rugged chassis design, double tires on each side and a dry weight of 4,000 pounds it’s perfect for remote camping adventures. True to this it features 3 200 watt solar panels on the roof, providing sufficient power for everything. Ideally designed to fit a couple the off-road camper includes a two-person dinette with leather seating, a queen-size mattress and external shower facilities. The company also provides custom builds which include a variety of layouts. Prices for this one start out at 98 thousand dollars. 

Titanium off road camper


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