Motor Homes: Should You Lease or Should You Buy?

You can buy or Rent a motor home

Motor Homes: Should You Lease or Should You Buy? Are you interested in using a motor home to tour throughout the country or for a camping holiday? If you are, you may be interested in buying your own motor home. While its more than possible for you to buy your own motor home, do you know that buying a motor home isn’t your sole option? In addition to buying your own motor home for a cross country trip or a camping adventure, you can also lease a motor home. If…

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How to be a Single Caravanner

Single caravanning

How to be a single caravanner My uploads about living simply are intended to have a wide appeal to anyone interested in concentrating on the good stuff and getting rid of all the clutter and stress in their lives. However I am a single British male caravanner, and as such there will be crossovers with coping strategies and thriving on your own and there will be crossover with caravanning as well so if you are an American married couple in an apartment please don’t go, please stay. Hopefully we will…

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Used RV Buying Tips

We purchased a 1989 Yellowstone Camino Classic.

How and Why Did We Buy a Class C RV – Used RV Buying Tips Hi everybody! Welcome  and today we’re going to talk about what kind of RV we have and why we bought that RV. And I’m going to chug some coffee because it’s super late. Whoa! Ahh! Pumpkin spice.  So today’s topic is brought to you by one of our awesome viewers. Let’s start out with what RV do we actually own? We went out and we purchased a 1989 Yellowstone Camino Classic. It’s a 28-foot class…

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Best Generators for RV Camping

Yamaha generators

What kind of generator or generators should you buy. We bought our generator online and perhaps you will choose to do the same. Our needs were fairly typical when it comes to power. Our rig is equipped with two deep cycle batteries. We use those batteries for minor power tasks like powering light bulbs, exhaust fans, things of that nature, but you know we like television sets and coffee makers and hair dryers and air conditioners and that is why you get a generator. You can bring these niceties of…

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You Can Go Overnight RV Camping at Walmart

Camp overnight at Walmart

We are just departing from a Walmart where we spent the night. We’ve had quite a bit of experience, staying in Walmarts, over the years. Some of them pretty interesting. We thought we’d share with you today what we’ve learned in some of our stories. ! We thought we would divide this up into  Who, What, Where, When, Why and How to camp at Walmart type of article. First off, “The Who!” Well, the who is a band and it’s also you being the traveler, and Walmart. And as a…

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How to Replace an RV Power Converter

Progressive Dynamics converter

A how-to article that the all of us can use. In this article, you will learn the basics of RV power converters, and be told the steps to replace a converter. It is not as difficult as you might have thought, especially on a fifth wheel. Perhaps you might save the money that you would have paid out for a professional repair or a replacement fitting. The article features a Progressive Dynamics Power Converter and there is a link to this and other converters at the end of the article..…

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What To Bring Camping

RV Camping mug

This is about what basic camping gear to bring on your trip. OK, this might be your first trip or you haven’t gone camping in a while. But, here’s a basic checklist. Just to get your camping gear in order and get you out there on a trip. The first thing that you’re going to want to have is a shelter. This could be a tent. Maybe you’ll bring an RV or a trailer. Or maybe just something as simple as a hammock. You know just anything to make it…

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Is Gas or Diesel Best?

What's best for your family

Hey guys today were going to go over the differences between a gas motorhome and a diesel motorhome. Alright, first thing the biggest thing, price. Typically a gas motorhome will run you $60,000 less than an equal diesel motorhome. Number two the engine in a diesel motorhome. You’re going to have something like a Cummins engine 340 360 400 horsepower to a gas motorhome you’re going to have a Ford V10 engine. Next, engine placement. So they call it a diesel pusher because they put the diesel engine in the…

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RV Trip Wizard Review – Best RV Trip Planner App

Use RV Trip Wizard on your laptop

I want to take just a couple of minutes to do an RV Trip Wizard review and show you some of the things I like best about RV Trip Wizard as well as some of the things I like least about RV Trip Wizard. In one case, one feature actually comprises both one of the things I like best and least and I’ll show you exactly why. One of the things I do like best about RV Trip Wizard is its ability to calculate a reasonably accurate cost of our…

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What are the Costs of Full Time RV Living?

You are wondering what the costs incurred are by going RV’ing, maybe full time or maybe just part time. I wanted to share with you what my wife, I and our two kids experience was when we went for a two year time period. So here’s he deal guys. When we first started looking for an RV we wanted to get something that was used, we didn’t buy new, actually our credit didn’t allow at the time for us to buy something new, besides even if we could have, I…

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