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How To Plug in an RV Using Dog Bones

A new RVer recently asked us how to plug their RV into a standard power outlet at their house so we decided to make a video about the basics of plugging different types of RVs into 20 30 and 50 amp electric outlets. Large motor homes have 50 amp electric service with mondo four prong

Comparing RV Stabilizers Which one is Best?

Comparing RV Stabilizers. Which one is Best. How’s it going? Welcome to another all about RVs. Today we’re talking about comparing stabilizers for your RV, so today we’re going to be looking at three main stabilizers that we are familiar with and have used and comparing them together as far as how stable they are,

Medicare for RVers Explained

Here to make Medicare and Medigap a little bit easier one step at a time. And, if you travel for leisure, travel to visit family, or live in another state part time, you might be wondering how Medicare Supplemental coverage works while you travel outside your zip code, city, state, or even the United States.

Full Time RV Living and Working

Full Time RV Living and Working Today we’re going to be talking about working in a tiny space whether it’s a tiny home, a van, a trailer or an RV. Not everybody gets a check every month. Some people have to figure out how to make this lifestyle work both full-time and part-time. There’s quite