Camping Chair Review: Camp in Comfort with the Star Gaze Reclining Chair

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Truly Surprising Comfort

Camping chair review. The team at Nemo Equipment volunteered to send us over one of their high-end camping chairs. We definitely underestimated just how comfortable it would really be!

Enter the StarGaze Recliner chair.  It comes broken down in a small bag about the size of a loaf of bread, complete with a carrying strap that makes it easy and convenient to take along with you.  It’s very light, both in the bag and out, and does not pose as an inconvenience when camping with it.  I can’t completely say it is ideal to take once you have the rig setup and head out on the trails, but it will definitely liven up your campsite and allow you a unique way to enjoy the night sky around the fire before heading in for the night.


Set-up and tear-down are a breeze.  The entire chair folds down with its tentpole-like mechanism and a single piece of mesh and cloth chair cushion.  The setup is displayed in the video above.



For our testing conditions, the team and I brought the StageGaze recliner out with us to the legendary Corriganville Ranch. A piece of cinematic history where some of the greatest western films of all time were shot.  In a long day of product reviews, the Star Gaze was one of the most fought for and sought after products.  Between shoots, everyone was scrambling to be the first to enjoy its relaxing embrace.  We moved around the ranch, relocating for different photo opportunities. The chair proved to be just as easy and convenient to move as we had hoped.  It takes less than about thirty seconds to set-up and tear-down the chair so grabbing it, throwing it in its convenient carrying case, and unpacking it at the next shoot location couldn’t have been easier.

All Shapes and Sizes

One of the points we tried to make with testing the chair was its durability and comfort amongst a wide variety of body types and sizes.  Throughout the day, our review team consisted of two women approx 115-125 lbs and about 5’2″-5’5″.  We also had three men, ranging in size from 150 lbs to 235 lbs.  Even the stockiest of us gentlemen was able to still slip into the comfort of the chair without feeling a “squeeze.”  The same level of relaxation was enjoyed by each member of the tea. The size or sex of the person having no impact on its effectiveness.

It comes in three different models. But for the sake of the camping chair review, I have to state that we only tested the high-end “[label style=”yellow”]Luxury[/label]” model of the chair.

Weather Tests

During the last two weeks, we have had a “downpour” of rain in the Los Angeles / Southern California area.  By this I mean, we got our one week of rain that we are given by mother nature each year.  We elected to leave the chair out for the entirety of this week.  Winds reached up to about 25 mph, temperatures dropped to about 35 degrees, and the rain poured for five days straight. When the dust settled, the weather had absolutely zero impact on the chair.  In fact, because of its mesh material, this chair was the first of the camping chairs that we left out that we were able to use.  It was literally dry as a bone the next morning and we were enjoying a cup of coffee in it. The other chairs were having their collected puddles dumped out.

On a special note though, during our recent super-rare Super Wolf Blood Moon eclipse sitting out under the stars. Witnessing that beauty in the reclining zen of the chair was an incredible experience.


Result of our camping chair review. All-in-all, we LOVED this chair!  In fact, our singular gripe (if you will) about the product was that there is not an optional or included footrest.  To have some sort of free-swinging ottoman to truly slump into the reclined mode of the chair would be perfection.  But that being said, we can’t help but fully get behind this product, its build quality, its convenience and ease of use, its simplistic setup and tear-down (seriously I let my six-year-old daughter try and she had it set up in under a minute as well), its versatility, and, of course, its unique comfort.

Photos Courtesy: Nemo Equipment, Jeremy P Elder

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