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DIY RV Repairs

DIY RV Repairs We’re just starting a new year and getting ready for our next camping season and we have a few small repairs to take care of on Willow to get her shipshape and ready to go. I think most anybody who has been involved in our being in one way, shape or form

How To Plug in an RV Using Dog Bones

A new RVer recently asked us how to plug their RV into a standard power outlet at their house so we decided to make a video about the basics of plugging different types of RVs into 20 30 and 50 amp electric outlets. Large motor homes have 50 amp electric service with mondo four prong

How to Re-String an RV Window Shade

How To Re-String a Pleated RV Day/Night Window Shade Most RVs have the same type of pleated day/night shades that we do every Now and then they get very loose and you can tell that the cord is about to break. Today we’re going to restring this one with new cord. The only spare part