TOP 7 Affordable Smallest Campers and Mini Recreational Vehicles

[WPXperVideo id=2 ] Welcome back to mass attack. Camping does not have to mean living in a tiny tent nor be associated with super expensive motorhomes. In this article we’ll show you the smallest and most convenient campers that offer great comforts but come at rather affordable prices. before we get to the lineup though make sure to subscribe to our Channel. We will keep interesting content coming.

Let’s roll number 7. Mini Cooper roof tent but though we do realize that this roof tent from auto home is not a typical camper it does fulfill its main purpose. Flawlessly the foldable tent protects you from the outside cold or heat rain or snow and functions as a full-size sleeper with a comfy mattress for 2 adults. The tent is designed exclusively for the new Mini Countryman and it matches the style and coloring of the SUV plus it offers exciting travel opportunities for people who are not ready to leave the comforts of a real bed at home.

Number six. Moby 1x. Some of us would prefer camping in remote areas far away from busy trailer parks with all their added comforts in order to get to these pick trust in sites just get behind a wheel of a capable car HDX our trailer built by the Utah based mobile on expedition trailers and had the off-road. The steel drop has traditional 1950s design but at the same time it is equipped with the modern tech. Regardless of the compact size the interior is cozy, offering a queen-size bed, lots of cabinets LED interior lighting, USB ports built and TV and speakers. You can also cook a meal using out size, full size galley with a two burner expedition stove.

Number five. Droplet trailer despite its relatively small size, droplet trailer offers all the basics needs for the life on the roads. The camper is a teardrop design and consists of two zones. Comfortable sleeping place with a 6 feet queen-size mattress on the front and a fully equipped kitchen on the back end of it. Being insulated with aluminum laminated foam the camper can be used in all seasons. One interesting thing about the droplets design is its spacious windows and doors which make the room brighter and allow for easier entry. In addition it’s weighed as only 950 pounds so it can be towed by medium-sized cars making it a great choice for traveling.

Number four. Happier camper hc1. People spend fortunes trying to make sure that their houses look beautiful and just as well they would happily shut their cash for a handsome home on wheels. One of such models as HD one from happier camper that as great retro style trademark. Adaptive modular interior system and is compatible with multiple accessories like solar panel fridge, sink with 40 gallon water tank and much more. The modules are easily converted into sleeping quarters for 4 people and are also designed for outdoor use.

Number three. Terrapin, inspired by the trailers popular in 1950s and 60s, this very sensual scamper is ideal for a weekend at the river or a road trip. The Terrapin is fully customizable, typically featuring a dinette that transforms into a bedroom, lots of shelves and storage spaces and power outlets inside and outside. Weighing only 1360 pounds it can be chilled by almost any truck or SUV and it can even be set up separately as a base camp for a longer stay. Despite a small size turbine it is not that cheap and the reasons for that is because it’s built using natural wood plus quality insulation and waterproof materials

Number two. Mink. When people think of camper vehicles more than often luxurious motorhomes come to mind. However in our opinion affordability, a rich package of features and simplicity of use are the key elements that make up a great camper and the Mink teardrop perfectly fits this description. This trailer is super lightweight and could be pulled by any car with 1100 pounds towing capacity. Two adults and a child will comfortably sleep on the inside that is equipped with a heater for colder nights. the meals could be cooked using an outside kitchen module fully equipped with all the necessities and now the positive thing about the Mink is that it does not have to be owned. One can rent it for $140 daily or $320 together with a capable SUV.

Number one. White Path campers. who said that one needs an SUV to tow a trailer to the camping site. Who said a camper has to be expensive. Meet the bicycle camper from the Denmark based company. The small house and wheels, a super lightweight, could be towed by bicycle, can serve as an instant shelter from bad weather and sleep two adults. besides the bare minimum of features white path camper could be upgraded with some cover, solar panel, full set of kitchen accessories, an outdoor table with chairs. However for those people who dislike heavy pedalling the company offers a modification of this trailer called Homey that could be towed by even the smallest car. It is equipped with a tow bar. Besides many other unconventional things that exist in Japan there is a separate legal category of automobiles called kei cars which are the smallest and most limited power highway legal motor vehicles and the end box belongs to such category under was used as a conversion platform to create a conceptual camper do and the enteric and unbox trailer the interior of this camper has super Helmick fuel with a lounge like layout the floor is covered with the carpet and two comfortable armchairs finish up the living room impression thanks for sticking around till the end what do you think about the lineup which model is your favorite and would you consider buying a micro camper or rather save up money for a full-size luxury home on wheels share with us in the comments like this video and subscribe for more amazing content which more episodes suggested on the screen and come back soon

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