10 Mini Campers & Camper Vans Great For Summer Getaways

[WPXperVideo id=3 ] From micro to mini campers and maybe just a bit bigger sometimes it’s the lack of size that matters this is Reacher and here are 10 many campers and camper vans for those summer getaways

Number 10 the days of needing a big vehicle to pull your camper are long gone due to the number of companies marketing small campers. This first entry on our list is no exception to that rule with its 18 foot length and dry weight of 1,850 pounds. The compact size allows it to be stored away in most standard home garages while the fold down design makes for easy towing once on-site. The living space is doubled by the electrically controlled pop-up a-frame dormers at the front and rear add even more overhead space as well as natural light from the added windows and skylights. The increased height of the sidewalls provides more usable space for the interior which allows the cabinets and countertops to be higher for a more comfortable experience an 85 litre mini-fridge a microwave and a flush mounted sink and dual burner cooktop complete the kitchen area. An outside shower comes standard with the option of an enclosed wet bath. Bench seating in the rear converts to a queen-size bed while the dinette area can convert to a twin bed if needed pricing for this one will run you around $21500

Number nine. If you like the idea of back-to-basics camping but don’t want to sleep in a tent then this entry may be just the one you’re looking for.A door on each side provides access to the interior which has just enough room for a queen-sized bed with plenty of overhead storage at each end. An AM FM bluetooth stereo system with indoor and outdoor speakers come standard with optional hookups for satellite cable and solar power. A low-profile roof-mounted AC unit, a manual awning and mounts for outdoor gear can be added as well. A large hatch in the rear raises to provide access to a full outdoor kitchen which contains a microwave oven, a mini fridge, a sink, and a single burner cooktop grill combo which can be mounted to the side when needed. Pricing on this one starts at a $9,000

Number eight. This handy little camper from Japanese company a zmax may look tiny but it’s got just about everything you’d need for a camping trip and more than enough room to put it in built around a Mazda Scrum. It has a 660 CC engine with either an automatic or manual transmission with the choice of two or four-wheel drive. It measures just over 12 feet and linked in just over five and a half feet and width with a living area around thirty four and a half square feet, a fold down platform over the cab and bench style seating which converts to a bed provide room to sleep up to four people. Large sliding windows on the sides and rear allow plenty of natural light in addition to the LED lighting found throughout the camper. Power is generated using a 100 watt solar array on top of the vehicle. Additional features include a cassette stove a small sink and a removable table in the dinette area pricing on this one will run you anywhere from twenty four thousand to twenty five thousand one hundred dollars.

Number seven. This do-it-yourself kit is the perfect camper for those who crave the outdoors but don’t have the space to store a camper year-round. The ability to disassemble it in about an hour using a screwdriver allows the lightweight pieces to be stored away when not in use. The modular design allows the structure to be assembled on most smaller utility trailers as well as on-site for use as a semi-permanent shelter. Although it only measures about 6 feet by 8 and a half feet there’s still plenty of interior space for the necessities such as a dinette table with bench seating that converts to a double bed and a hand-pump sink with a water tank. There’s also a wall-mounted AC unit and hanging storage compartments as well. Entrance to the camper can be through either the double doors at the back or a side door assembly multiple windows and ceiling vents provide natural lighting and ventilation if needed. Pricing on this one is expected to be in the 3 to 4 thousand dollar range with the release date sometime in 2018

Number six. Having an overall length of just over 17 feet and a width of just under 7 feet this many makes you wonder why they included that word in the name at all. The interior offers just as much as campers twice the size without sacrificing comfort or quality a single side door opens up to a kitchenette in the front which contains a flush mounted dual burner cooktop, a sink with a detachable sprayer, a microwave and a 142 litre double door refrigerator. There’s also a fully enclosed wet bath measuring just over seven and a half square feet which includes a pedal flush toilet and a water proof toilet paper holder and I’m betting you won’t find that last one in any luxury RVs. The dinette area has u-shaped bench seating and a rotating table with a hydraulic pedestal. This area can be converted to either dual twin beds or a queen size bed. Five insulated dual pane windows as well as a vertical stargazer window open to an almost 90-degree angle to provide natural light and air flow if needed. pricing for this mini starts around 24,000 dollars. don’t forget to hit that subscribe button and click that Bell icon to keep up with all of our latest videos

Number five. Camper vans, motorhomes does anyone really know the difference. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section for a later discussion because right now I’ve got to tell you about this next entry on our list. This model is the smallest in this line of camper vans at just under 20 feet and links with the width around seven and a half feet a side door on the driver’s side allows entry to the camper which also opens to the cab area flexible seating arrangements in the lounge area allow for split bench or full bench seating on each side of the open walkway the kitchenette includes a 138 litre slimline refrigerator an oven with a three burner cooktop a microwave and a flush mount sink with a cutting board cover. In the rear is the washroom which contains a corner sink and vanity, an electric flush cassette toilet and a separate enclosed shower area. There’s room to sleep up to four people using the bench seating and the height adjustable drop-down double bed above the lounge area.Pricing on this one starts at around sixty three thousand dollars.

Number four. When I think about camping I think of things like travel adventure and a cooler full of tasty beverages. He’s talking about beer again, and this next camper might be just what I need for all those things. It has a dry weight of only 900 pounds making it light enough to be towed by most smaller vehicles. On top of that the use of optional solar panels and a built in electrical system that can store energy for up to seven days allows for living off the grid whenever and wherever you drive. A large side hatch and a rear door open up to an area with an l-shaped bench seat while also allowing easy access for loading and unloading of any camping gear the bench can convert to a queen-size bed with additional sleeping room for two more adults in the optional rooftop tent. A kitchen drawer pulls out from a hidden area under the bench seat to provide five and a half square feet of counter space along with two large cubbies for added storage. Additional features include LED lighting inside and outside as well as 12 volt outlets and USB charging ports. Pricing on this one starts around $24,000.

Number three. Just from looking at the simple curve design of this one with its dual color scheme and belt rail LED lighting system you might think it’s something from the mind of Johnny I’ve. The camper itself has an interior measuring 10 feet and linked with a width of six and a half feet. The height of just over 6 feet it sits on a trailer measuring thirteen and a half feet in length with an external aluminum storage system in the front that slides out to provide more than enough room for Aunt Edna on those long vacations.The rear houses a dinette area that has a table with u-shaped bench seating that converts to an extra bed if needed. The kitchenette includes a flush mounted dual burner cooktop, a mini-fridge and a stainless steel sink. The main sleeping area is housed in the front of the cabin which has options ranging from bench seating that converts to a twin bed to triple bunk beds. Pricing on the base package currently starts at just under nineteen thousand dollars.

Number two. At first glance the teardrop shape of this one doesn’t stand out but then you go inside and you see bunk beds and your inner child screams got to have it. Obviously that’s not how the process actually goes but bunk beds are cool, so let me have my moment. The slide-out houses the kitchen area which has a microwave that sits above a 105 liter refrigerator. Next to that is a large countertop that contains a recessed dual burner cooktop with a flush mounted cover as well as an undermount sink having a seamless cover to increase the work space if needed. Across from that is a fully enclosed wet bath with an integrated toilet and sink. The dinette area consists of an adjustable table with u-shaped bench seating. The rear of the trailer includes a large external hatch that raises to allow the dinette area to be modified into a sleeping area with a queen-size bed. A tent-like covering can be attached to this opening to provide protection from the elements the previously mentioned bunk beds are housed in the front of the camper and with each being the size of a twin mattress they’re able to sleep both kids and adults. Starting prices on this one will run you about twenty two thousand five hundred dollars. Are you a fan of many campers or will you settle for nothing but the biggest RV you can find? Be sure and let us know in the comments which one you prefer.

Number one. These touring campers from Arriba have achieved somewhat of a cult status so it’s no surprise that when the company decided to do a limited edition retro design they chose this one. The exterior sports a dual color scheme which is white on top and blue on bottom with chrome details at the front and rear. Rounding out the iconic styling the color coordinated blue accents contrast with the soft wood tones and white upholstery to give the interior the feeling of a 1950’s beachside resort. The pop top roof raises the Headroom to a height of almost six and a half feet giving the camper the feeling of a space larger than it actually is at the front is the dinette area which has bench style seating that can seat up to four people at the fold down table. The kitchen features a 70 liter fridge freezer a sink and a dual burner cooktop with a flush mounted cover. The bathroom houses a wet bath that includes a bench toilet a large sink with a vanity and a removable faucet that serves as a handheld shower head. In addition to the dinette area which can convert to a twin bed there’s also a queen-size bed in the rear. Pricing on this one will currently run you about $29,000.  Hey guys this is Cassie.  Enjoy this video. Tell us in the comments below what you found to be the most interesting and why also if you haven’t done so yet make sure to hit the bell notification next to the subscribe button to stay up today with all of our latest videos. Thank you for watching.

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