The Top Five Largest RVs Ever Made

[WPXperVideo id=4 ]These RVs are fit for a king. Today’s video is on the top five and largest RVs ever made.

Number five. The 2018 marathon prefault h3 will set you back around two million dollars but this motor coach is amazing the amount of space. Here is enough to house a whole family on the road let’s take a look at the floor plan at the front you’ll find the cockpit followed by a massive lounging area with a kitchen pull-out beds and seating areas in the center. There’s a shower and bathroom and at the rear there’s a colossal master bedroom with another bathroom and even a walk-in closet.Very cool.

Number four. The 2017 Newmar King motorcoach is a little larger than the previous one on this list. As its name suggests it’s fit for a king and represents the crown jewel of luxury travel.Inside there’s a huge amount of space certainly enough for a large family road trip with all the amenities you could ever possibly need.

number three. Element RV is one of the largest and most luxurious RVs around. It costs three million dollars to build and is more like a mobile mentioned than an RV. It has all the same types of things you’d find in a regular house and much more. The RV has two stories with an additional rooftop terrace it is fitted with automatic stairs and expanding compartments which gives an abundance of space for its occupants. The designers vision was to create a futuristic style and I think he accomplished this very well.

Number two. When Will Smith is out filming Hollywood movies he usually brings along his massive two-story RV. This thing is crazy. It has 1200 square feet of livable space similar to a detached house. Inside the RV it’s fitted with 14 TV screens and over $100,000 worth of other electronics. In total the RV cost 2.5 million dollars to build but is actually available to rent for nine thousand dollars a week.

Finally number one. The powerhouse coach is the largest RV we’ve ever seen. Usually this type of RV has just one carriage but Doug Tolbert wanted something more so we had a custom build made with an additional carriage. It is an incredible 122 feet long and carries so much weight it uses a semi engine to haul it along. This RV is a little older than the others on this list and isn’t quite as luxurious on the inside but the powerhouse coach certainly takes its spot as the largest RV ever made.

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